Baytree Farm


At Baytree Farm, we are in the sheep business.  Our focus is to produce 100% grass fed lamb for the market as well as for individual customers. The Baytree flock are commercial hair sheep which we feel allows us to produce a very high quality product.

What We Do

  • Raise and market 100% grass fed lambs
  • Offer breeding stock
  • Sell pumpkins and fall decorations
  • Raise and sell hay
  • Provide educational tours
  • Open our farm to hunters

Check out the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development Tourism Video with several shots from Baytree Farm!

Baytree Lamb

At Baytree Farm premium grass-fed lamb is our specialty! For over 2 decades we have worked to cultivate a strong, healthy flock that yields delicious flavor with the health benefits of grass-fed meats. Once you initiate the order, we will secure a date with our USDA inspected meat processor. We will then call you for payment information.

Currently we offer the following selections:

  • Whole premium grass fed lamb, approximately 40/45 lbs hanging weight for $9.00/lb*
  • One-half premium grass fed lamb, approximately 25 lbs hanging weight for $9.50/lb*
  • Whole 100% grass-fed mutton, approximately 65 lbs hanging weight for $7.00/lb*
  • Custom options: we can provide heavier lambs in either category, the price is determined by the additional weight.

(* Prices may vary due to market conditions)

Each whole premium grass fed lamb package includes: 2 legs, 2 shoulders (cut into steaks or roasts), lamb chops, ground meat, stew meat, and 4 shanks. Each lamb will vary slightly.

We are delighted to individualize your order so it is ideal for your needs.