We love Lamb, as well as all other animals!

Who We Are

We have a 180 acre farm north of Emlenton, PA which we moved to in 1979. Warren is a first generation farmer who grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and always wanted to be a farmer. He graduated from Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA with a Bachelor of Science in Dairy Husbandry. Initially we had a dairy farm and in 1995 switched to livestock. Liz is retired from nursing administration and enjoys many activities including golf and baking. Both of us volunteer in various community projects. Our son Willis and daughter-in-law Hannah live in the Pittsburgh area. Currently we have a large flock of sheep and produce and sell lambs, pumpkins, and hay.

~Warren and Liz

Quality Assurance

In an effort to always do our best for our sheep and lambs, Warren recently completed the Producer Education Training for the Sheep Safety and Quality Assurance Program. This program was offered by the American Sheep Industry Association and was comprehensive in training and testing practices used to safely, humanely, and expertly manage the flock for the best possible product.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce the finest premium grass fed lamb for the market, table, or as breeding stock in a humane, healthy, and happy environment.